Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whoa! Keeping up with all the artwork they do certainly has gotten away from me. I have a stack that I keep saying I'm going to photograph and download, but it's still stacking up. I just had to make time to put this on here though. Delsin and Kai and I all worked on this and we are all very proud of it. It's the scarf you see Delsin wearing. I'll admit though I wasn't jumping at the chance to start it. It's nearly 100 degrees here everyday and they wanted to do a knitting project. Nanna gave us this really cool knitting machine that you thread the yarn through and then turn a crank and it pretty much does the rest. We did find out though that maybe next time we should go slower 'cause I had some holes to patch up, but it's still pretty darn cool considering I can't really knit. I like this machine 'cause I think it takes less time than actual knitting and I think we can make pretty much anything that you could knit. We're gonna give it a shot when cooler weather gets here, anyway.

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