Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I want to keep up with all of the artwork.

This is a place where I can post pictures of Delsin & Kai's artwork. I know that I will never have enough walls to put it all on, and some of it has already been destroyed. So, in hopes that I can always come here and see it, I am starting this blogpage for their artwork. I have some catching up to do in taking pictures of what they've done. But here is what I have photographed so far.
These were the animal cracker Noah's arks that they did for Bible study this past weekend. Daniel played the guitar while we sang songs. Then we had craft time and story time and we sang another song while they placed stuffed animals into our pretend ark. Delsin's ark is the orange one on the left. Kai has the purple & black ark on the right.
Daniel's Birthday Cards. Kai did the green one and Delsin did the brown one.

This is the first art project we did for Bible study. They are sheep to represent all the cattle the Abram & Lot had.

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