Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some more of what's on our walls right now.

I wish I would have started this blog a while ago. Delsin and Kai have been painting rocks for a year now, at least. Those are scattered throughout the yard and house. I'm sure I'll come across some while I'm raking leaves and then I'll post pictures.

All of the following photos, plus the ones from yesterday's post, are on our walls right now.

Everything is in the kitchen except for the last photo in this post. These range in date from fall of 07 til yesterday. I just realized I forgot to photograph the ones on the refrigerator and computer desk. Maybe those will make it tomorrow.

Right now we are working on our alphabet, again. So the top two are from yesterday and the day before. Today we will be working on letter "C".

In this photo, letter A is by Delsin, letter B is by Kai, the bottom left picture is by Delsin on 11/6/08 and is his name, the puppy was colored by Kai on 9/27/08.

The following Duck was colored by Kai on 10/17/08
The following puppy was colored by Kai in the fall of '07.

This bat was colored by Delsin & Kai in the fall of '07.
This is Delsin's turkey. He made this with stickers at the library last wednesday.
This is Kai's turkey that she made at the library.
This picture was drawn by their cousin, Jonathan. It's so well done and so pretty.
Delsin drew this. It it my name and he drew it on 11/6/08.

These are on the kid's bedroom wall. Kai colored the A and Delsin colored the B.

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